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  • Rhenus High Tech Ltd

    Providing the skills, experience and infrastructure that your specialist logistics projects demand.

  • Rhenus High Tech Ltd

    Offering the full range of logistics solutions, from specialist transport services to high tech warehousing, engineering services, parts management, supply chain solutions and demo systems management.

Specialist Logistics Company

Fully equipped for all types of specialist logistics needs, Rhenus High Tech Ltd is the UK’s finest provider of logistics services. Our experienced distribution team is unfailingly professional, using a combination of modern equipment and proven delivery methods for virtually every industry.

Our distribution network incorporates prior experience with fields as diverse as healthcare, electronics, retail, telecommunications, high tech goods and many others. No matter which business sector you belong to, our logistics experts are fully prepared to work for you.

From printing and banking to telecommunications systems and infrastructure equipment, we at Rhenus High Tech have the experience and knowhow to transport and process all manner of products, machinery, wiring and material. We support all types of services for your goods, ensuring that they are handled and applied according to your precise instructions.

Moreover, as one of the largest specialists in logistics in Britain, we are able to provide high tech warehousing services at several locations, including Glasgow, Manchester, Milton Keynes, and Ashford. Our transport vehicles are continuously moving across the country, their services blending seamlessly into the specific requirements of every individual client.

As specialists in logistics, we value safety and dependability above all else, maintaining an excellent track record over decades of service. Since our inception, we’ve made it a priority to work closely with every one of our customers, study their business needs, and work to provide them at highly competitive prices. Along the way, we’ve pushed the boundaries of what a specialist logistics company can be.

The Logistics Professionals

When it comes to our crew, every stage of the logistics process is covered by the experts at Rhenus High Tech. From initial organisation, calibration and equipment testing to warehousing, transport and installation, reverse logistics and other custom services, our dedication shines through every project.

Logistics teams throughout our company are vetted, certified, and continuously trained to deliver the highest quality service for every clientele. From ATMs to machines used in medical laboratories, we handle your electronic equipment with the utmost care, using our own team of engineers to provide technical logistics support appropriate to every situation. When it comes to deliveries, our project managers oversee physical deliveries as well as installations on site, managing them according to industry best practices. Our excellent safety record allows our customers to have complete confidence that every appropriate handling procedure is followed carefully through each task.

With a fleet of modern, environmentally sound vehicles, Rhenus High Tech can transport customer product of all sizes and value to their destination. Every one of our vehicles is specially designed for high level logistics performance. GPS tracking, central monitoring of transport, and real time project management teams are all put toward ensuring that your shipment arrives at its proper destination on time and correctly positioned as per customer instructions.

Once your shipment has arrived, Rhenus High Tech crew will ensure that the onsite customer is fully happy that the delivery has been completed, asking the customer to sign our Rhenus High Tech E-POD tablet triggering an instant POD alert.

Our focus on continual innovation is represented by our own bespoke IT system, which allows customers an interactive look at their logistics shipments in real time. Through this interface, customers can view or modify ongoing activity regarding their own goods and materials, giving them a level of control that other logistics companies in the UK simply cannot offer.

Worldwide, the Rhenus network can be found providing services to dozens of countries on 4 continents. Our aim is to become a carbon neutral company by 2020, doing our part to move the transportation industry to a sustainable future.

Whatever logistics services you require, we are always available to help. Just use the contact form on this website to reach us, or contact us directly at +44 (0)1784 422900.

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