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  • Rhenus High Tech Ltd

    Providing the skills, experience and infrastructure that your specialist logistics projects demand.

  • Rhenus High Tech Ltd

    Offering the full range of logistics solutions, from specialist transport services to high tech warehousing, engineering services, parts management, supply chain solutions and demo systems management.


Demo Equipment Management

Rhenus High Tech LTD is the leading logistics company who specialise in final mile delivery and provide a wide variety of services to meet customer’s expectations.


Last Mile Delivery and Advanced Installation services to the HealthCare Sector

Rhenus Lupprians is the UK's leading High Tech logistics specialist with extensive experience in providing a large number of services...


Value Added Services in Logistics

The term “Value added services” describes the action taken by Rhenus High Tech to increase the benefit of the service provided to a customer.


What Sets Rhenus High Tech Apart? Final Mile Delivery & Positioning

We often get asked what sets us apart from other logistics companies. The answer is simple.


Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Rhenus Hightech UK receive many questions from our customers, whether it be relating to white glove logistics or final mile delivery queries...


Specialists in Logistics

Rhenus High Tech UK has been providing customers with dependable logistics solutions, along with value added services for success in today’s business world.


Sectors Served

An effective logistics model is vital in supporting any company that distributes goods or products. The main goal of a logistics model is to safely and securely move product from one place to another.


What is White Glove Logistics?

The term “white glove logistics” describes services that go above and beyond what is expected from traditional logistics services.


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Rhenus High Tech Limited

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