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  • Rhenus High Tech Ltd

    Providing the skills, experience and infrastructure that your specialist logistics projects demand.

  • Rhenus High Tech Ltd

    Offering the full range of logistics solutions, from specialist transport services to high tech warehousing, engineering services, parts management, supply chain solutions and demo systems management.

What Sets Rhenus High Tech Apart? Final Mile Delivery & Positioning

We often get asked what sets us apart from other logistics companies. The answer is simple.

Whilst other logistics companies provide a service which transports customer products from Goods out to Goods in or to the door of the delivery building, Rhenus will take your product to the final room or choice.

We can take the product to the room of choice, regardless of what floor the chosen room is in or what obstacles are on the delivery room. Our core competency is final mile delivery & last mile delivery along with positioning, which is the management and fulfilment of transport handling services to get our customer product safely into the final room of choice.

Being the leading final mile carrier for the UK means we are often given challenges that other high tech logistics companies are unable to fill. What sets us apart is a combination of our logistics specialists, white glove transportation and our high tech project management experience.

Whilst Rhenus started out in supporting the HealthCare industry some 35 plus years ago, we have transposed our experience and expertise to a number of high tech industries that need logistics management. For a full range of sectors we support, you can visit our business sectors page.

The final mile delivery process starts with the customer contacting our customer service team. Our team are well rehearsed with supporting customers from various high tech sectors, and are therefore well placed to give our customers confidence that they can manage high value logistics services.

Our teams can work with the customer to understand the characteristics of the delivery site, and also the nuances of the product to ensure it is handled appropriately. If our customers are not able to obtain all the required information, Rhenus can despatch our Solutions Specialists to site for them to perform a site survey.

Support from the beginning to the end of your delivery journey

Our Solutions Specialists will measure the site, inspect the delivery route and devise a plan for the product to be delivered. Rhenus will then produce a Risk Assessment & Method Statement, this will provide a detailed explanation of how the final mile delivery will be performed, along with the specialist handling equipment required to complete the delivery.

It is not just our personnel that should make us your final mile delivery company of choice, we also boast a wide range of specialist handling equipment which is the latest available equipment on the market. Our equipment ranges from items such as extra strong floor protection plates to power-pushers and lastly stair-climbing robots.

This equipment enables us to moves customer product into hard to reach areas, whether that be across expensive marble floors without leaving any marks, to floors which are only available via stairs as the product is too large for the lift. We regularly monitor the services that our customers are requesting and strategically invest in the appropriate equipment. This helps us to minimalize our time onsite, therefore providing a cost-effective solution to the customer.

Vehicles to suit all requirements

All of this is transported to and from site using our fleet of specialist vehicles. Each of the vehicles has a bespoke specification which we have put together, using our years of experience in the market and again using the information of what our customers are requesting.

Please find below some of the characteristics of our new fleet of vehicles which we have recently invested in:

  • Hard-bodied
  • Extended tail-lifts with increased weight capacity
  • Increase rear aperture up to 250cms
  • Improved safety features such as rear cameras to aid reversing
  • Euro 6 emissions compliant
  • Sliding roof to enable vertical loading

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