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Digital Signage Installation – Kiosk Installation Company

Digital Signage, Kiosk, Touch screen & LED Screen Installation

While many benefits are gained from advertising through digital screens and digital signage, last mile delivery and installation requires carefully planned technical steps and should only be completed by digital screen and digital signage installation professionals. Rhenus High Tech Ltd provides a number of logistical services relating to advertising in various outdoor advertising environments, including outdoor LED screen installations, and install of touch screens in retail stores and external locations such as car parks.

Outdoor advertising delivery and installation service

With Rhenus High Tech digital signage and touch screen delivery is just the beginning. As a full-service specialist logistics company, we have the resources and expertise to provide end-to-end logistical solutions. From high tech warehouse storage for outdoor advertising units, to the delivery and digital signage installation, companies are guaranteed the high-quality and efficient service one would expect from a leading logistics business.

Digital advertising comes in many forms, and Rhenus High Tech offer premium logistical services in this sector. This includes digital screen installation services as well as products that require a high amount of up-to-date technological expertise, such as touch screen installation. Rhenus High Tech uses this knowledge to help you fulfil your logistical requirements to meet customer expectations.

We can provide customers flexibility, by either transporting the product directly from the manufacturers to the customer site for installations, or storing them within our high tech facilities prior to release. With our team of skilled technicians, we can configure the goods prior to shipping them to site, to ensure the on-site contact experiences a smooth service once our delivery crew arrive at site. Please click here for further information on our pre-stage and configuration services.

Once at site, our team of technicians will diligently complete the delivery and install as per agreed process. Once we receive training from the manufacturer, we can implement a train-the-trainer process amongst our technicians. This enables us to scale up to meet our customers volume expectations, and importantly, not compromising on quality. Click here to learn more about our installation skills.

Rhenus High Tech will work with the customer to implement a solution which is truly bespoke to their requirements.

No matter the service or location, whether it be outdoor advertising installation services, including kiosk installation, or installation into pubs or retail stores, Rhenus High Tech UK can support you.

At the end of the products lifecycle, or when they are no longer needed, Rhenus High Tech offers reverse logistics services that are in accordance with WEEE regulations.

Specialist handling and equipment

It goes without saying that Rhenus High Tech takes every available step to ensure your high tech products are stored, delivered and installed safely. This is done through our state-of-the-art customised warehouses where we perform pre-installation services, or the last mile delivery services completed utilising our fleet of transportation vehicles.

Our pre-staging and mock-up areas are large with ample space to assemble kiosks of all sizes. They are also equipped with the tools needed for our skilled technicians to configure, build or assemble any assets before delivery. And with our oversize trucks on hand, we can transport them in one piece, which make assembly at the other end a whole lot easier.

Our warehouses are equipped with all the technologies and infrastructures needed to safely store the digital screens and prepare them for delivery.

Moreover, every warehouse has 24-hour security which ensures your products remain safe whilst in our facilities.

Our large fleet of specialist vehicles is designed specifically to handle the transport of fragile objects, making them perfect for digital screens and kiosk deliveries. They are equipped with air ride suspension, large tail lifts and bespoke load lock systems, safeguarding your products from being damaged during transportation. These safety features are fitted in every one of our vehicles, from smaller vans to large trucks.

Need support with delivery or installation of outdoor LED screens?

We are dedicated to providing a professional and specialist transport service to our customers, tailoring to their needs. To find out more about how we can support you, please call 01784 422900. Or, alternatively, email sales-rl@uk.rhenus.com

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