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Power System and Plant Installation Services – Machinery Relocation

Machinery Movers and Installation Services

Power is an integral part of any high-tech industry. Health care, IT and other sectors require a reliable source of power which functions perfectly and without interruption. Therefore, when it comes to power system installation, organisations need to partner with a trustworthy provider.

Experienced industrial installation management

Rhenus High Tech Ltd has vast experience managing various industrial installation services, with many such projects successfully completed through our advanced approach we could be classed as leading machinery movers.

For services such as machinery transportation, getting the right service is imperative as both power systems and plant products are expensive to purchase. These systems should only be handled by trained logistics professionals. Rhenus High Tech has the resources, expertise and knowledge required to successfully provide reliable specialist logistics solutions for power systems from all manufacturers.

Machine moving and engineering services that deal with products like un-interruptible Power Supplies (UPS) require up-to-date knowledge. As well-rounded specialists, we continuously train our staff on handling the latest power systems from manufacturers across the continent.

Effective machine delivery and relocation

All machinery movers require specialist vehicles to transport delicate power systems. With a fleet of vehicles of varying sizes and skilled technicians, Rhenus High Tech are able to efficiently perform machine delivery or relocation. With vehicles equipped with air ride suspension, bespoke load lock systems and extended tail boards, Rhenus High Tech can deliver numerous products of various shapes and sizes.

During machinery relocation, our trained engineers follow the correct steps to perform machine rigging and safely remove the power systems. And with access to large vehicles, in most cases the power systems will not need to be completely disassembled during transportation. To further ensure safety during transport, the power system will be accompanied by a dedicated 2-man team of engineers who are responsible for maintaining the condition of the systems. The assets will also be tracked via GPS throughout their journey.

Rhenus High Tech has a network of high tech secure warehouses across the UK. As you would expect from a leading specialist logistics provider, our warehouses are suitable for storing delicate technologies.

When offering plant installation services, time is a crucial factor. When preparing for power systems installation, our engineers perform all the necessary configurations at our pre-staging areas in the warehouses to reduce the time it takes for on-site services to be completed, reducing costs to the customer.

This efficient process allows businesses to gain access to power as soon as possible, reducing the amount of disruption faced during machinery installation services. If needed, the engineers can also perform assembly beforehand and transport the machine in one piece, making machine moving and rigging far simpler.

Moreover, with an RFI and bar-code enabled WMS system, Rhenus High Tech also offers reliable and accurate inventory management services.

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