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London Underground

Rhenus Lupprians is a veteran of major project roll-outs on London Underground. Rhenus Lupprians was the lead logistics provider on Project Connect and has been involved in major signalling renewals and power upgrade projects. The Rhenus Lupprians scope is based around site delivery, specialist lifting, plant handling and installation solutions for a whole range of equipment types. Rhenus Lupprians has achieved an exemplary safety record in the LUL environment by paying close attention to employee training and detailed operational planning for every aspect of the work. This way Rhenus Lupprians ensures the maximum use of the limited engineering hour’s window.

Benefits of working with Rhenus Lupprians

  • Rhenus Lupprians has accumulated a sizeable database of route knowledge for successful equipment delivery to all parts of the LUL Network.
  • Rhenus Lupprians is proven supplier of safe plant delivery & handling on LUL infrastructure.
  • Rhenus Lupprians can offer off-site technical facilities and test environments
  • Rhenus Lupprians operates a sizeable compliant delivery fleet to support all of LUL’s project commitments.
  • Rhenus Lupprians has plant approval for our unique escalator trolley to move up to 500 kilos, this rapid delivery capability is invaluable for maximising the engineering hour’s window.
  • Rhenus Lupprians can provide a scalable warehousing solution with technical facilities for pre-delivery testing or modifications.
  • Rhenus Lupprians has all accreditations and insurances in place to meet LUL supplier requirements.
  • Rhenus Lupprians has a ‘can do’ attitude and always finds a way.


Rhenus Lupprians fleet, including lorry loaders, is specified to transport sensitive and high value equipment. Rhenus Lupprians delivery vehicles are FORS Bronze accredited which is the Crossrail standard adopted by TFL.

On the scheduled date and time the selected Rhenus Lupprians team will deliver:

  • Equipment
  • Modular assemblies (prepared off-site)
  • Re-locatable Equipment Buildings (REB’s)

Deliveries are made during either:

  • Traffic hours; non-operational environments.
  • Traffic hours to LUL depots; in advance of engineering train deliveries.
  • Engineering hours; the standard operating window.

Lifting Services

  • Lorry Loader (hiab), including trackside lifts.

Hoisting services in dis-used lift shafts or other access points, using either:

  • Existing lifting beams
  • A-frames

In both cases Rhenus Lupprians provide compliant and tested hoist block & tackle. Lupprians Hiab lifting Lupprians lifting ventilation fan

Plant Handling

Rhenus Lupprians possesses plant approval for the full range of handling equipment:

  • Powermate stair crawler (up to 350 kgs)
  • Rhenus Lupprians designed ‘Escalator Sledge’ (up to 500 kgs)
  • Step-Rider (up to 750 kgs)
  • Skoots for level push (up to 2,000 kgs)
  • Track Trolleys (various weights)
  • Working at height using Pasma towers and harnesses

First fix

Once in the point of use, Rhenus Lupprians can complete a preliminary installation service, using customer issued design drawings, including:

  • loor bolting equipment using anchor fixings and/or chemical fixative
  • Providing a wall-mount solution using unistrut
  • Ceiling mounted using Lindaptors
  • Tunnel ring mounting; refer to photo below of the platform air handling unit
  • Track Trolleys (various weights)
  • Installation at Green Park Station
  • Full mechanical fit-out including: containment, ceiling try and unistrut

Decommissioning and recycling

Rhenus Lupprians can decommission and remove all obsolete equipment from site, once isolated from the power supply by others.

  • Rhenus Lupprians can provide a recycling solution for all obsolete equipment
  • Certified data removal/destruction; where required by the Data Protection Act
  • Environmental disposal of equipment and the issuing of compliant disposal certificates

Installation services

  • Mechanical installation of HVAC, including tunnel ventilation systems
  • Installation of VE panelling (in partnership with Vitrex, SA)
  • Installation of platform shelters
  • Assembly and/or decommissioning of small steel structures
  • Assembly and/or decommissioning of modular solutions
  • Installation and assembly of GLAPS
  • Working in confined spaces


Rhenus Lupprians have a footprint of 55,000 ft2 on the Feltham/Ashford Campus (West London), supplemented by a further 75,000 ft2 of storage in Bletchley. Pre delivery services are available at these facilities prior to the delivery date.

  • Transit merging of suppliers’ equipment/material
  • Staging, SOAK testing & final configuration of equipment in the Rhenus Lupprians configuration centre
  • Test environments for modular assembly or testing concept prior to LUL deployment Kitting for 3rd party engineers (i.e. assembly of installer packs/kits)


Rhenus Lupprians Employees

Rhenus Lupprians using ‘employed personnel’ can provide Site Person in Charge (SPC) and all installers hold LUCAS cards.

Rhenus Lupprians can also provide the following specialist operatives:

  • Substation access Track awareness
  • Track trolley operatives
  • Track depot

Crews also carry Network Rail PTS cards (personal track safety) for sites on dual shared track requiring both permits.

Vistit our accreditations page for more information.

Operational administration

  • Operational Administration
  • Application for movement licenses
  • Site survey to establish the optimal delivery routing
  • Creation of compliant method statements and risk assessments
  • Design of lift plans when using lorry loaders as the delivery method

Traffic and pedestrian management

  • Rhenus Lupprians is accredited to setup traffic/pedestrian plans for stations in built up areas
  • Rhenus Lupprians is approved to manage pedestrian re-routing, parking bay suspension, lane suspension and full road closures to facilitate station access, during the delivery phase of a project


  • Prestige
    The delivery & mechanical installation of ticket vending equipment and barriers across the LUL Network (customer - Cubic Transportation Systems).
  • Connect
    The delivery & bolt down of communications equipment in CER’s over the entire LUL network (customer – Citylink / Fluor Daniel).
  • Airwaves
    The delivery & positioning within the Connect cabinets of the emergency services enhancement to the Connect system over the entire LUL Network (customer – Airwaves / Thales).
  • Victoria Line Signalling Upgrade
    The delivery & bolt down of all signalling equipment in the SER’s (customer – Westinghouse became Invensys during the project).
  • London Underground Power Upgrade - (Package 1a)
    The delivery & bolt down of power equipment in Metropolitan Line Substations (customer – Enterprise).
  • Jubilee & Northern Line Signalling Upgrade
    The delivery & bolt down of all signalling equipment in the SER’s (customer – Thales Rail Signalling Solutions).
  • Metropolitan Line Signalling Immunisation
    The delivery and bolt down of trackside Modular Enclosures (customer direct for LUL).
  • Cool the Tube (CTP)
    The delivery & mechanical installation of tunnel ventilation systems on Tranche 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 of the CTP Programme (customer – Morgan Sindall, NG Bailey, Mansell Construction Services and Dyer & Butler).
  • Cool the Tube (CTP)
    The delivery & bolt down of the various speed drives, logic controller drive, UPS and SCADA system on mid tunnel ventilation (customer – Mansell Construction Services and First Co.).
  • Cool the Tube (CTP)
    The delivery & mechanical installation of platform air handling units at Green Park and Oxford Circus Stations (customer – Morgan Sindall and Birse Metro).

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