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Vending Machine Logistics – Vending Machine Moving Company

Vending Machine Collectors, Delivery and Installation

Rhenus High Tech Ltd's gaming and vending machine logistics services cover a multitude of machine types, including those in the pharmaceutical and catering industries. From gambling machines to automated medicine dispensers, we provide end-to-end logistics services for all sectors. This includes both vending machine delivery and vending machine collector’s services as well as vending machine installations.

Our work in this industry relies on flexible methods that can be adapted to any site, including both indoor and outdoor busy public spaces. In the past we have provided gaming and vending machine moving for companies based in casino halls, petrol stations and leisure centres. We have the experience of liaising with various organisations to ensure public safety is paramount.

Secure warehouse facilities

We can act as vending machine collectors from the manufacturing centre, or once the gaming or vending machines arrive at one of our warehouses from the manufacturers, Rhenus High Tech have the capabilities to provide pre-installation services such as turning on the machine and configuring ready for delivery.

Our secure and high tech warehouses are fitted with the latest technologies and infrastructure needed to provide logistics for vending and gaming machines. This includes the well-equipped pre-staging areas, where our trained engineers and technicians perform a wide variety of value added services.

Rhenus High Tech can perform assembly of customer product, install or update of software onto machines and refurbishment of old product. This significantly reduces the amount of time it takes for the machines to be installed onsite, and provides the chance for our technicians to perform DOA testing.

Prior to delivery, swap outs, or in between relocation, the machines are stored in a warehouse. With high-bay racking and block-stacking areas, Rhenus High Tech provides short and long-term storage for vending and gaming machines. With a complex WMS method that utilises RFI and barcodes to keep track of the products, Rhenus High Tech provides comprehensive storage services, including inventory management. It goes without saying, each of our warehouses has 24-hour security safeguarding the machines when in storage.

Precautions taken from pickup to delivery

After the engineers and technicians have checked on the working order of the machines and performed all required configurations, they are prepared for delivery.

As you would expect from a leading specialist logistics provider, Rhenus High Tech diligently takes every precaution to ensure safety at every step. Therefore, only specialised vehicles with are used for our vending machine delivery services.

Our delivery vehicles range from vans to large trucks, which mean we can provide flexibility in our service, delivering gaming and vending machines of all sizes without the need for disassembly.

Onsite, the machines are unpacked and installed by the engineers who also swap out old machinery where appropriate. Our engineers provide periodic maintenance and software updates on the machines to keep them in full working order and in line with regulations. Being a full-service provider, our services does not end there. Our vending machines collectors remove the machines when they are no longer working, or no longer needed.  Once removed, these machines are passed through the Rhenus High Tech reverse logistics process, which adheres to the stringent regulations for waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE).

Need a vending machine moving company to perform vending machine collectors or delivery services?

We are dedicated to providing a professional and streamlined service to our customers, tailoring to their needs. To find out more about how we can support you, please call 01784 422900. Or, alternatively, email sales-rl@uk.rhenus.com

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