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Installation case study - London

The project kicked off in early 2018 with Rhenus delivering the first CT system to its customer. At the same time, Rhenus inspected the site for the next phase, which consisted of delivering an additional CT Scanner and 2 MRI rooms.

Fast forward to June 2019 and the next phase for the second CT system was well underway and now in ready for installation after extensive planning. 

Due to the requirements and complexities of this project, Craneage was required to lift the system to the site entrance. Rhenus has extensive knowledge in this area, however the added challenge of a building contractor erecting a new building within the central courtyard area necessitated extra care and attention. 

Rhenus consulted over extensive talks with all stakeholders, our recommendation and the final plan was based around utilising the existing on-site tower crane and bringing in Rhenus approved craneage partner to manage the lift. The lift was conducted under full contract lift conditions and ensured Rhenus could cater for the requirements of its customer. 

The lift itself involved loading from the Contractors yard in Wimpole Street, over several buildings and landing on a scaffold platform built 3 stores above. Another tricky dimension was the ‘guiding’ of the CT, as the scaffold design resulted in approx. 4 metres of additional height to negotiate, effectively landing the CT system through a small ‘hole’. 

Rhenus put to work its specialist fleet of hard-bodied and high-spec vehicles, delivering using one of its 26T and 18T vehicles, the 26T with its sliding roof enabled time to be saved onsite by lifting directly from the vehicle, while the 18T carried smaller accessories, again saving time by utilising the full closure tail-lift. 

The job was completed with a team of 4 Rhenus transportation specialists, further supplemented by the craneage partner’s ground crew team. 

Led by a Rhenus Installation Manager, all major components were positioned in the room within 5 hours of the job commencing, particularly important as the contractor was also working to a tight building deadline.

Rhenus loves a challenge, and is always proud of what we achieve together with our customers!

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