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  • Rhenus High Tech Ltd

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Rhenus relocate an Autonomous medicine vending machine

Rhenus High Tech is the UK's leading High-Tech logistics specialist with extensive experience in providing a large number of services for our customers including final mile delivery and last mile delivery services.

When requesting support from Rhenus High Tech, you will be assigned to a project manager to discuss all your needs.  Prior to a final mile delivery, a Rhenus Surveyor can attend the site on the appointed day by the customer to perform a site survey. The aim of the site survey is to ensure we have all the details required to complete the job without any unforeseen obstacles.

It is paramount that the condition of the equipment be maintained, which is why an extensive survey is completed. In this particular delivery, using the information obtained from the site survey, Rhenus needed to provide men, vehicles, 2.5 ton Fork Lift Truck and tackle to enable the internal relocation of the equipment from the Ground Floor to the 1st Floor.

We showcased our white glove delivery skills by successfully delivering an Autonomous medicine vending machine from ground floor through a window to the first floor on the 6th February 2020.  Rhenus High Tech demonstrated their white glove logistic services by providing 2.5 ton fork lift truck to site with side shift, we then created a temporary platform built on the external balcony and fitted safety rails to the Vehicle Tail lift for additional safety measures. Rhenus put to work its fleet of high tech 12T new specialist Vehicle, 2.5 Ton Fork Lift Truck and completed the job with a team of 4 Rhenus transportation specialists.

They key requirements for the Autonomous medicine vending machine delivery included the following:

  • Vehicle driver fitted Safety Rails to the Vehicle Tail Lift
  • Crew laid plywood and plywood runners 4 high over the paving slabs from the brick wall and between the front of the building
  • Double road boards laid over the grassed area for greater security during the move
  • Prior to lifting the machine to the 1st floor, a temporary platform 1500 x 550 x 250 mm was built on the external balcony in line with the window opening
  • Led by a Rhenus Installation Manager, all major components were positioned in the room within 5 hours of the job commencing, particularly important as they were working to a tight deadline.

Rhenus High Tech recognise that to continue to support the growing requirements of our customers, we need to have the best equipment, high value logistic services and resource available. This is why we continually invest in specialist handling equipment and the training of our staff, along with the vehicles that we transport our customers' product in.  It is this investment that enables us to successfully complete such complex white glove deliveries for our customers.

Rhenus loves a challenge, and is always proud of what we achieve together with our customers!

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